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A New Column

I am now writing a new column, "Cloud of Witnesses," at Place For Truth (A Voice of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals). It will be a place to explore our Christian past and the people who lived it. This year, in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, I

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Letters from Indonesian Students

Here are some letters from students at Logos School, Surabaya, Indonesia. I will rewrite the third one because the print is small: "Dear Mrs. Simonetta Carr, my name is Eileen. I am a student in Logos school in Grade 3 in this year 2016. I was born in December 21st, 2006.

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Christian Biographies in Indonesia

In my recent article on Challies, I paraphased some comments from Cia Ming Cu, one of the editors at Momentum Christian Literature, about the popularity of my books in Indonesia. I have decided to include his full letter here, with his permission: It was in 2008 that we at Momentum Christian

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During a Podcast interview with Mortification of Spin, Carl Trueman surprised me with the question: "Why should we teach our children to appreciate art and beauty?" I was surprised because I always considered the answer obvious. Art and beauty are are so incredibly uplifting (sometimes troubling but always moving) that it seems only

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Life and Death in the Valley of Shadow

  Published in Modern Reformation, Vol. 23, N. 4, July-August 2014, posted with permission. (See also White Horse Inn WHI-1213)   We all have days we will never forget. On top of my list is the day when my 19-year old son Jonathan revealed a new perception of reality. He had

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A School Visit

  In a recent visit to a local public school, I was able to teach a class of eight-graders some lesser known aspects of Michelangelo's life, such as his poetry and his sense of humor. We also discussed Michelangelo's ability to wear many hats as architect, sculptor, building contractor, accountant, and art

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Using All Burners

If you are like me, you like to have different projects cooking at the same time - some on high flame and some brewing on the back burners. If a deadline approaches, you give all your attention to one project and leave the others behind. I have done this for years, until I

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Teaching What Counts

In case anyone feels too proud of our exceptional children and innovative teaching methods, a letter by Anne Hooper to Henry Bullinger might be the good dose of humility and the kick in the pants we need. Anne wrote this letter from London in 1551, while her husband John Hooper (pictured here) was in

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To Resist or to Register…

"Register" - we read on a stone in the cell where Marie Durand and other Protestant women were kept for most of their lives.   Recently, Reformation Heritage Books received a message from a reader who was concerned this might be a mistake. “If you google the French translation for the English

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Thanksgiving Day Sale at RHB

Reformation Heritage Books is having a huge Thanksgiving Day Sale, which includes two titles in this series: John Owen and Jonathan Edwards. Both books may be purchased for $8.10 (55 % off the original price)! John Owen will be a very useful tool for parents and teachers who want to go

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