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Sounds Familiar? Letters from Heinrich and Anna Bullinger to their son.

The 16th century was different from our age in many ways, but some things never change. “Your mother makes big eyes when you already speak of needing another pair of shoes for the winter," wrote Heinrich Bullinger to his son on December 20, 1553. "It is hardly fifteen weeks since you

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PRESS RELEASE                     Traveling Stories (www.travelingstoreis.org) welcomes published author Simonetta Carr to the Santee StoryTent on Wednesday, August 19 from 3:30 to 4:30pm for a free, special event for children of all ages. Carr is the author of 11 books in the

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Changing of the Guard

Good-bye (at least for some time) to Matt Abraxas, the talented illustrator of seven titles in our series: John Owen, Athanasius, Lady Jane Grey, Anselm, John Knox, Jonathan Edwards, and Marie Durand. John Owen and Lady Jane Grey have both come finalists in the annual San Diego Book Awards, and Anselm of Canterbury

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Latest News

I haven't been posting for a while, and there are many news regarding this series and more. 1. The next title in the series is Marie Durand - yes, finally another woman. It should be out in June 2015. As you know, my series is mostly about people who have influenced

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How Critical is a Critical Perspective?

OK, I admit it, the title is an attempt to sound clever. Ideally, yes, a critical perspective of history is important. How to maintain it in a short biography for relatively young children (ages 7-10) is another story. This reflection was prompted by a great review by Daniel Cooley (Jonathan Edwards Center at TEDS)

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Second Mini-Contest

Here is another short contest. It might be easier for those who already have these books. In each of the first seven books in the series (John Calvin, Augustine, John Owen, Athanasius, Jane Grey, Anselm, and John Knox) there is a (truly!) unintentional mention of Italy or of Italians. Once again, Jonathan

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Mini_Contest Winner

The first contest is over. The pattern was J-A-J-A-J-A-J (following the first name of each character). Edwards breaks the pattern with another J. I have received other interesting answers. Anyhow, the winner for this contest is Marguerite Harrell. Don't despair. I have another contest coming up!

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The last attempt to run this mini-contest failed. For some reason, I didn't get any entries even if people told me they sent them. So here are some new rules: 1.  Look at the titles of the first seven books in the series as they are listed in the CBFYR tab on

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Anselm of Canterbury Wins Best Biography

I was caught by surprise when Anselm of Canterbury won the San Diego Book Award for Best Published Biography. It's a great honor, especially considering the other finalists in the same category have presented very valuable books. Winners were announced at the Twentieth Annual San Diego Book Awards Ceremony (2014) in San Diego, California.

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Winners of the 32-Author Giveaway

First of all, thank you for participating to the 32 Author Scavenger Hunt! I was happy to "meet" so many new people. I hope you will stay tuned to this blog or our social media accounts. I am sure most of you have already found out, but here are the results

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